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Quality Control

Efforts toward increasing relief and safety

Under the principle of "we walk alongside and listen to the voices of our customers," the Analysis & Research Section engages in activities from the customers' standpoint so we can provide them with safe and delicious food.
The Production Department manages manufacturing activities that center around Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) to ensure the production of safe food.
The Quality Control Department of each factory belongs to the Quality Assurance Division; they perform inspections and judge the quality of products, from the acceptance of raw materials to product completion, as a department that operates independent of the factory.
With respect to product information, we strive to disclose all product information so that the labeling on our products is fair and proper, based on pertinent laws and regulations.
Under the quality assurance motto of "We understand the product quality required by our customers and deliver products, goods, and information free of errors," we will continue to promote our activities.

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