Message from President

"Together with Customers" and "Together with Employees"

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of your continuous support.

Tsukishima Foods Group manufactures and sells processed oils and fats, chocolates, frozen dough, and frozen cakes, which are raw materials for food products and foodstuffs with the spirit of "Together with Customers."

As the core company of the Group, Tsukishima Foods Industry Co., Ltd. is engaged in the business of manufacturing processed oils and fats, such as margarine, shortening, emulsified oils and fats for confectionery, whipping cream, etc. And also we deliver materials and products developed with making the best use of the characteristics of oils and fats and our own processing technologies (refining, emulsification, fermentation, etc.).

The Japanese food market is undergoing rapid change due to the declining birthrate and aging population.

In addition, major reforms are required on the supply side in terms of development capabilities, technological capabilities and labor force.

Each company in the Tsukishima Group will continue to work under the slogan "Together with Customers" to stay close besides consumers, and create products and consumers' smiles.

"We will provide safety and deliciousness through food ingredients, and contribute the healthy and rich dietary life for the future through food ingredients."

We recognize that this is our social mission given to the Tsukishima Foods Group, and all of our employees will continue to make further efforts.

President Nobuyuki Toda